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The use of a sedative allows us to complete more dental work within a minimum of appointments and complicated operations in shorter time than we could without it.

  • I.V. sedation
I.V. (intravenous) sedation is a “light and conscious sedation” administered in office prior to your dental procedure. You will maintain your protective reflexes, but you will be less aware of your environment and of any discomfort.

This method is the fastest acting, and allows the dentist to control and continually adjust the amount of sedation.

  • Oral sedation
Alternatively, patients may choose to take a series of prescribed pills prior to their dental appointment. These will relieve any anxiety and put the patient at ease during the procedure. This is the more popular option for patients with a fear of needles. It can also eliminate the discomfort experienced when local anesthesia is being administered.

Regardless of what type of sedation is being utilized, your health history will be a factor. Especially if you have a history with diabetes or cigarettes.

You will likely be required to take time off of work and have a companion to drive you home because of the effects of sedation.
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